Reduce The Disease by Drinking Coffee

Many of us who love coffee but some are not like this drink, results showed that people who drank the most coffee (six or more cups per day) had 59% lower risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer (fatal disease or follow-up) compared with non-coffee drinkers.

But researchers say that not just the caffeine that is responsible for the benefits of prostate cancer prevention, research shows people who drank decaffeinated coffee also had a similar reduction in risk for aggressive prostate cancer.

The researchers say that coffee also contains many other potentially beneficial compounds such as antioxidants and minerals that may play a role in preventing prostate cancer

Every time you drink coffee, tea, chocolate you actually give a compound of caffeine in your body. Similarly, nicotine and alcohol, coffee is also the most widely used compound in the world to make the drug, so many researchers from around the world interested in studying the content in coffee beans.

Maybe some of you choose to drink coffee when you want to start a morning and afternoon activities to eliminate drowsiness while you work.


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